The Heavy Metal Review

Metalcore is a label that metal fans have learned to cringe at over the years. It’s a fairly generic label that describes a set of bands featuring heavy riffs, hardcore-esque breakdowns and – typically – the alternating of traditional growls and soaring clean choruses. Some naysayers claim the genre is the nu-metal of our generation and will soon be a another casualty of the trendy metal world.

Why bore you with that definition of metalcore? Because in the heavy metal dictionary below this entry you will find an alternate definition of metalcore – As I Lay Dying.

There is no band that better showcases the style in all its strengths and weaknesses than this group of scraggly Californians led by frontman Tim Lambesis. For every generic chugging riff there is a  great melody and above-average guitar solo. However, this formula has grown tired over the years and on

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