Metal Shock Finland (World Assault )


ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian says that when he stated in a recent interview that “nothing would make [him] happier” than to see the entire music industry collapsing, he wasn’t referring to some of the longest-running independent labels who have supported underground metal music for the past three decades.


Speaking to Australia’s Loud magazine, Ian was asked for his take on the future of the music industry. “I don’t even know — I don’t care; I have no idea,” he replied. “I really don’t give a shit about the industry. If anything, nothing would make me happier than… other than some of the good people who actually have jobs that would be hurting if they lost their gigs. But as far as I’m concerned, I can only hope that the whole industry collapses and has to start over, or figure out something else, because I really have nothing good…

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